New Website

Hey Y’all! I’m so happy to say that I have a new website!  I appreciate you stopping by here to see me, but now you can find all of my information and art stuff on Come on over and see my new digs!


St. Pete Art Mash

St. Pete Art Mash

I was able to show some of my work at the St. Pete Art Mash last night.  It was great to meet some other artists, and share ideas.

Hidden Truths

This is one of my newest pieces. It is called Hidden Truths. I painted it when I was going through a difficult time in my life. She can’t open the book of Truth because she’s can’t move and she can’t get out of the cage, she’s stuck. So, she has closed her eyes to the reality of it all.

Art Mash

It was great fun to do the show with my son Milo Rossi. He’s a fantastic artist too! Those are his pieces on the right, next to a few  of mine, on the left.

Milo's Owl

This owl is another one of Milo’s. I’m a proud Mom, what can I say!

Tribal Gypsy


Tribal Gypsy

It’s been a while since my last post on this blog. Life got a bit overwhelming. My mother was very ill over the summer, and I went to take care of her and I’m happy to report she’s much better now. My daughter got married in October, and as you an imagine, that took all my attention for a while. It seems that things are now creeping back to a state of normal, and for that I am grateful.

Being able to spend a little more time in the studio lately has made me happy and allowed me to create this beautiful Tribal Gypsy. I love her, she seems earthy and grounded.  I have recently been asked to show my work in another gallery, Enchanted Notions, in St. Petersburg, and I took her there yesterday along with a few other new pieces.  Christy, the owner of Enchanted Notions, is incredibly wonderful, and so supportive.  I can’t express how grateful I am that we have met, and become friends.  I adore her.  I am SUPER excited to break into the St. Pete art scene, and it just feels right (if ya know what I mean). So if you are in the St. Pete area, go check out her shop, where she has many treasures and trinkets for you to enjoy.

My Flickr account has been compromised, not sure how that happened, but I will have to get to work on reloading all my pics (which is going to take a minute).

Prints will be available of all of my work soon on Etsy. I’ll give a shout out when that happens.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a WONDERful day!

Face painting at Ian’s 1st Birthday

I did a little face painting today, something I truly enjoy.  It is so much fun to see the expression on the kids faces when they look in the mirror after I have painted their face.  The smile that always creeps up on their little faces just  fills my heart.

It was Ian’s 1st Birthday party and  BOY was it fabulous!!  I was only able to take a few photos before the kids got there, and then it was painting non-stop until the party was over. At least I got a few pics, so I could share them with you. 🙂



Cheryl,  from A Sweet Event, and her family did an amazing job(Ian is her grandson).  Her cakes are always soooo beautiful and delish!!  If you need to plan an event of any kind, do yourself a favor and give her a call.


Island time on Anna Maria

What is Island time? Island time is relaxing time. It’s not being in a hurry to do anything.  It’s taking time to enjoy life at a slower pace, with sand between your toes and rum in your belly. I love the beach…but not just any beach.  As a Floridian, I have had the privilege of visiting many many beaches, comparing this one to that one, this sand to that (believe me…there are many types of sand…and it does make a difference.)

Anna Maria Island has the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. The sugar sand, and crystal clear blue water calls me back time and time again.

Because of the island’s size, you can walk to the bay side and watch a sunrise, spend the day on the beach, and then watch the sunset in the evenings. Perfection.

It’s a beautiful place to spend some time…relax, reflect on life…breathe…and before you know it you too will be on island time.

Artisan Market April 2012

Some of my new work for the Artisan Market downtown Lakeland tonight.


Yesterday started with a drawing...

I went over to the studio, not know what she wanted to be…I found a canvas board, and just started painting.

This is what I have so far….the colors are much more vibrant than the photo shows, but you get the idea.