Concerts in the Park April 2012

 This was my first trip to Concerts in the Park on Anna Maria Island.  My friend, Cindy Thompson, whose company Island Festivals, Inc., put on this wonderful event. I brought my friend, Claudia Iris with me.  That’s our tent on the left.

Claudia Iris brought these pieces that were made from recycled cardboard, and the back of message pads. I love her designs.  She has a studio called Creative Journeys in Lakeland, FL.

Claudia making more art, enjoying the island breeze.

After taking a lot of my work to Black Swan Bazaar, I had a limited amount of work to show, but overall the show went well.

This mermaid painting was a huge hit!  Most people found her ‘hauntingly beautiful’.

This young man was set up next to us. His name is Rolf Henrik Hellem-Brusso.  He was painting most of the evening on this piece.  He was delightful, and quite the artist.

On the other side of him was Cheetah, who is mentoring Henrik.  I adored both of them, and their work.

Cheetah’s Karma Bird.

There were lots of food vendors, but Paradise Cafe got my vote for the yummiest, (and prettiest) food.

JoDene has such beautiful jewelry.

I never knew they had a club for seashells. Huh! The Sarasota Seashell Club did some amazing things with shells! Creative peeps!

Claudia, with a piece of cake from the Paradise Cafe…

and me with mine.


Still painting…

Claudia, discussing her book ‘She Said’ with two fans, as the night was winding down. Concerts in the Park was a great event.  I am so glad we were able to attend.  Thank you Cindy for inviting us.


Island time on Anna Maria

What is Island time? Island time is relaxing time. It’s not being in a hurry to do anything.  It’s taking time to enjoy life at a slower pace, with sand between your toes and rum in your belly. I love the beach…but not just any beach.  As a Floridian, I have had the privilege of visiting many many beaches, comparing this one to that one, this sand to that (believe me…there are many types of sand…and it does make a difference.)

Anna Maria Island has the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. The sugar sand, and crystal clear blue water calls me back time and time again.

Because of the island’s size, you can walk to the bay side and watch a sunrise, spend the day on the beach, and then watch the sunset in the evenings. Perfection.

It’s a beautiful place to spend some time…relax, reflect on life…breathe…and before you know it you too will be on island time.

Artisan Market April 2012

Some of my new work for the Artisan Market downtown Lakeland tonight.